The HealthStar Rebuild

Machines are completely stripped to the bare frame. All surfaces cleaned, polished, or painted. Extruder barrel and screw removed for complete overhaul. Gear box completely rebuilt. Repaint all mechanical spaces with white epoxy.

Mold Carriage is completely disassembled and refinished. NEW bushings, tie bars, and hydraulic cylinders installed. NEW rails installed in the base. 

Hydraulic Power Pack under the base is completely overhauled. NEW High/Low pressure pumps and heat exchangers added as are all NEW hoses. NEW Mokon extruder cooling unit. NEW ASCO vacuum valves. Hydraulic control valves changed from 120 VAC to NEW 24 VDC for added safety.

Wiring is simplified - new LAN PLC eliminates “Home Run” device connection.

Completely New CIP/SIP System including NEW sanitary control valves, filter housing, and buffer tank. Sterilization system is completely automatic and a separate MMI is next to the system for easy operator control.

Full PLC Machine Control with plasma touch screen interface and user-friendly prompts for easy and precise control.

New Complete Mold Sets designed by Healthstar, custom built for our clients’ unique applications.

New Filling System designed & manufactured by HealthStar Complete upgrade with stainless steel contact parts designed for specific applications and install new product filter housing(s).

Air System: New piping of air system as required with new filter housings.

New Deflasher supplied with BFS machine with custom trim tooling designed and manufactured by HealthStar.

The result is “LIKE NEW” Blow-Fill-Seal machinery that is better than when it left the OEM’s factory, supplied at half the cost. Contact HealthStar today to discuss your BFS equipment needs!