Line Integration

How do I make sure the equipment you are offering will work with the other machines I have in line?
We offer engineering and integration services and can visit your site to help engineer the system.

If I want a complete production line and want to see it running my product prior to shipment, can you help me?
HealthStar specializes in offering a combination of new, rebuilt or used equipment, per your specifications, to provide a complete production system with a relatively low capital cost compared with all new equipment. We have a 200-foot long assembly floor to integrate and test your line prior to shipment.

Requesting Quotes

How do I request a quote online? How do I request a quote for multiple machines?
One of the easiest ways to get a quote is online. Simply locate the machine(s) of your choice. Below each machine is a "Request A Quote" button. Clicking that button will add the item to a holding area for you. If you wish to search for more machines, you do not need to fill out your information and submit yet. You can continue to search the website and your machines will be saved as long as you click the "Request a Quote" button. When you have located all the machines that interest you, simply fill out the few required fields and hit "submit". One of our machine specialists will contact you within 1 working day with a confidential quote.

Custom Designed Machinery

Although I saw some nice machinery on the site, it's not exactly what I need. Can you customize machinery to my specific application?
Absolutely! In fact, customizing machinery for a specific application is our specialty. We have rarely done the exact same machine rebuild or line design twice. Every one we do is tailored to our customers' requirements.

Service & Parts

Do we have to take care of installing the machinery or will HealthStar do it?
HealthStar can install your machinery for you depending on your needs. HealthStar can also provide operator training.

If the machine I buy from you needs service, can you provide it?
Yes! Our newly manufactured machines come with a 1-year parts and service warranty. If we rebuild equipment, it has a 6-month parts and service warranty. Even if you buy a machine from HealthStar "AS IS" we can service it and in most cases, provide parts using current pricing.

Surplus Equipment

I have surplus equipment that we cannot use anymore. Can HealthStar help me to recover my return on investment?
We can offer several alternatives. HealthStar accepts machinery in trade toward your purchase. For more saleable equipment, we will purchase outright, sell it on consignment, or act as a sales rep. We also handle plant appraisals and liquidations.

Terms and Conditions of Sale