Since 1987 HealthStar has been a leading supplier in the Blow/Fill/Seal Arena. Some
years ago we sold our new equipment manufacturing facility, but HealthStar has once again
returned to the blow/fill/seal market place. We have the capability of providing molds,
machine upgrades, deflashing systems, as well as used and reconditioned blow/fill/seal
machines. Our range includes machines for large IV bottles to small ampoule containers.
Below is a list of machines by ALP and Weiler which reflects current inventory and similar
models we can expect to carry in the near future.

  • Model 301B – 8 cavity vial 5-10ml w/mold
  • Model 302 – 5 cavity w/ 250, 500 and 1000 ml molds
  • Model 624 – 20 cavity vial 5-10ml no molds
  • Model 303 – 4 cavity large bottle IV 1000ml with 1 mold
  • Model 303 – 5 cavity large bottle IV 500 ml with 1 mold
  • Model 303 – 8 cavity small bottle IV 100 ml no molds

Blow/Fill/Seal Rebuilding Services

HealthStar can provide the following rebuilding services for BFS machines:

  • Filling System: Complete upgrade with stainless steel contact parts designed for specific applications and install new product filter housing(s).
  • Air System: New piping of air system as required with new filter housings
  • Extruder/Parison Head: Rework or replace barrel and screw, install new motor and drive, and/or rebuild existing new parison to meet new application.


  • Assembly: Build a patented top deflasher into the machine for smooth operation
  • Guards and Safety: Complete safety interlocks with hydraulic lock-out and quick pressure dump. Additional guards incorporated where needed. Manual function security code through PLC for manual operation
  • Electrical Upgrade: Full PLC machine control with plasma touch screen interface and user-friendly prompts for easy and precise control.
  • General Upgrade: All hydraulic cylinders, vacuum valves, power pack and carriage can be fully rebuilt or replaced.
  • Molds: Complete model building and mold design available to meet any container specification
  • Installation and Warranty: Each rebuilt machine carries a 180-day warranty with in-plant startup and training

Complete Mold Manufacturing & Design Services

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