HealthStar is pleased to offer plant liquidation surplus asset management services, with capabilities including surplus equipment purchasing, appraisals, equipment search and referrals, and equipment leasing and rental assistance. We can handle the diverse aspects of liquidation, working with the customer to design the most effective approach. We provide auction event management, working on a guaranteed purchase, commission, or consignment basis and deciding upon a qualified auctioneer. We also offer outright purchase agreement of surplus wherein we make a formal purchase offer in line with market conditions, and arrange for equipment removal. In a consignment situation, we will take possession of assets to warehouse, and aggressively market the equipment through many avenues.

With over 30 years of recognized service, HealthStar is dedicated to providing customers with cost effective liquidation options that will achieve maximum return to the customer. For more details about our plant liquidation surplus asset management services, or our other capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

General CapabilitiesEquipment Leasing and Rentals
Equipment Exchanges/Trades
Surplus Equipment Purchase
Appraisals/Plant Liquidations
Equipment Search and Referrals
Piece by Piece Liquidations
Complete Plant Liquidations

Outright Purchase: 

HealthStar places a value on the equipment according to experience and current market conditions. HealthStar makes a formal offer to purchase. Arrangements and costs for equipment removal are HealthStar’s responsibility.

Consignment Sales:

HealthStar takes possession to warehouse of consignor’s assets and sells them based on terms agreed upon in formal cons. Agreement. Assets listed on HealthStar website and marketed regularly.

Auction Event Management:

HealthStar will work on a guaranteed purchase, commission or consignment basis to customize the approach that makes the most sense. HealthStar handles choosing the most qualified auctioneer or the best possible way to liquidate all assets.

Additional Information:

Industry FocusPharmaceutical
Personal Care
Household Products
Intended Applications
Processing Machinery
Packaging Machinery

Types of Items Liquidated

  • Packaging Equipment (cartoners, fillers and finish machinery, bundlers, case sealers)
  • Processing Equipment (tanks, autoclaves, isolators, scales, pumps, granulators/blenders, freeze dryers, reactors, centrifuges)
  • Plant Support Equipment (air compressors, generators, boilers, pumps, chiller, WFI systems, AHU)
  • Laboratories (lab benches, instruments, stability chambers)
  • Warehouse (racking, fork trucks, pallet jacks, pallet wrappers)
  • Office furniture