Stock #: 980-02

- Used Hamo T-21 Single Door Washer intended for cleaning, drying, and low-level disinfection of soiled reusable utensils, trays, glassware, bedpans and urinals, rubber and plastic goods, simple ha...

Stock #: 1815-01

- Completely Rebuilt Fedegari Water Cascade Autoclave. Very Efficient System for Sterilizing Solutions in Sealed Containers (IV Fluids, Vials, Pre-Filled Syringes, Blister Packs, etc) - Completely...

Stock #: 1816-01

Turnkey Kaps-All Filling Line Consisting of : - Kaps-All Model AU-6 Unscrambler, Serial No. 6399 - Kaps-All Model FSU-6 Unscrambling Table, Serial No. 1700 - Flexlink X85X Conveyor (Bottle Unscr...

Stock #: 898-07

DCI 100 Liter Jacketed Mobile Mixing Tank Stainless Steel Mobile Casters Top Mount Agitation CIP Spray Ball

Stock #: 898-06

Sterling Model SMCA-2 Chiller Comp HP - 2.0 Controls Volt 115V, Line Volt 230V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase Max Feeder Overcurrent Protection - 22 Amps Refrigerant Type: R410A Min Temp: 30F Max Temp: 65F

Stock #: 898-05

Precision Stainless 40 Liter Jacketed Mixing Tank 316L S/S Vessel Stainless Steel Mobile Casters Top Mount Agitation

Stock #: 898-04

Scott Turbon Model PHRSL2-5 High Shear Mixer Includes Baldor 5HP Motor (208-230V / 480V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase)


Stock #: 898-03

Dimensions: 72.0" w x 45.2" d x 95.0" h Depth: 43.7" Nominal Width: 6' Electrical: 115 volts, 60 Hz, Domestic Approximate Weight: 970.0 lbs Catalog No. 9860603

Stock #: 1811-08

Used Rommelag 4010M/460 High Speed BFS Machine for Vials Rommelag Trim Machine with 2 hot stamp stations 20 cavity machine Includes 1 set of 15 mold carriers plus 1 spare Also to include new set o...

Stock #: 1811-07

The Frymakoruma Dinex 200 is a vacuum processing unit for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Due to its wide ranges of features its ideal for the manufacture of different products with a wid...

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